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Bill Pay Plus

Bill Pay Plus is an electronic payment system which permits you to initiate and authorize payments from your accounts to payees, which you have selected in advance to receive payments by means of this service. No stamps to buy. No trips to the post office. Bill Pay makes paying bills a quick, easy task!

For Customers who select Basic Bill Pay, these services are available:

  • One-time payments
  • Occasional payments
  • Fixed recurring payments
  • Variable recurring payments
  • Payment calendar automatically calculates earliest delivery date for your payment
  • Payments are deducted from your account on the payment due date

Basic Bill Pay is FREE.

Optional Premium Services under Bill Pay Plus:

  • Account to Account transfers (A2A) $2.00 per transfer
  • Pay Other People (PopMoney) $.50 per transfer
  • Same day or overnight delivery $9.95 to $14.95

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Disclosure: This email is not encrypted.  Do not send any personal information such as bank account numbers or your social security number.

F&M Online is needed for Bill Pay products.   Bill Pay is for personal and sole proprietorships accounts only.