Farmers & Merchants Chip Debit  Card

Our Chip Debit Card is more secure than the standard debit card.  Some of the many security benefits of our Chip Debit Card are:

  • Chip cards are not as easily duplicated by criminals
  • Chip cards can reduce crime at the point of sale
  • Chip cards can reduce the risk of identity theft

Our Chip Debit Card is like an electronic check and is welcome wherever VISA is accepted.  The amount is drawn from your checking account, just as if you had written a paper check.  No more hassles with running short of checks or needing multiple form of identification. There is $1/month fee with this card.

Farmers and Merchants Chip Debit Card

Chip Debit Card



To report a lost or stolen F&M Chip Debit card, please call 1-800-554-8969.


Courtesy Pay

Want to extend your overdraft privileges to cover your ATM and everyday debit card transactions?  Ask us about Courtesy Pay today.


CardValet gives you the power to control and protect your debit card from the current mobile banking application.  Once you are logged into your mobile banking, some of the features include:

  • Turning your card on/off
  • Changing the transaction dollars limits
  • Changing the location limits
  • Changing the merchant limits
  • Receiving alerts

Once you are logged into the mobile banking application, tap "Manage My Cards".  Cards that are linked to your online banking accounts will automatically be loaded, scroll through the cards to choose which card you would like to set and protect.  By choosing "Set Card Limits", you can set transaction, location or merchant limits.