Statement of Condition

At the close of business December 31, 2020


Cash & Due $35,384,478
Fed Funds Sold $2,000,000
U.S. Government Securities $5,115,976
U.S. Government Agency Securities $4,959,717
Municipal Bonds $42,013,877
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock $236,600
Loans $124,186,027
Bank Buildings, Equipment, Furnishings, & Fixtures $1,707,034
 Other Assets $2,310,099 
Total Assets $218,364,570

Liabilities & Capital





Total Deposits  $190,382,831
Other Liabilities $5,676,659
Capital Stock $334,375
Surplus $2,100,00
Undivided Profits $18,580,230
Reserves $1,290,475
Total Liabilities & Capital  $218,364,570
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