Debit & ATM Card Security Tips

Treat your debit/ATM card like cash!

  • Always keep it in a safe and secure place. Contact Farmers & Merchants State Bank immediately if your card is lost, stolen, or if you suspect unauthorized use. Call 515-462-4242 during banking hours or 1-800-554-8969 after banking hours.
  • Never share your PIN number with anyone.
  • Your PIN number should never be kept in the same place as your debit card or written on your debit card.
  • Avoid using common PIN numbers. Never use a number that would be in your wallet such as a birthdate, address, or phone number.
  • Do not send your card number via email as email may not be secure.
  • Do not give out your card number out over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • If you have forgotten or would like to change your PIN number, please bring your debit card to the Main Bank.
  • If you receive a replacement card, destroy the old card. This applies to all credit cards.
  • Destroy all unused cards.

When buying...

  • Purchase from merchants you know and trust.
  • Online look for secure websites that use HTTPS:// an icon with a closed lock, or a highlighted green bar in the website URL.
  • Completely log off after making your purchase.
  • Destroy your receipts when no longer needed.

At the ATM...

  • Look for signs of tampering. Thieves sometimes place skimmers over the card reader and capture card information.
  • Use ATMs that are well lit.
  • Beware of shoulder surfing. Cover keypad with other hand to prevent other people from viewing your PIN number.
  • Make sure you complete your transaction before you leave the ATM.
  • Remember to take your debit/ATM card with you after you complete your transaction.


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