Service Standards

We’re your hometown bank, with hometown pride. We’re locally owned and operated, which means our heart is where it belongs in the community. Our decisions are local, and our concerns are local, and our priorities are where they belong.

How We Help Our Bank Grow

  1. We will never say “it’s not my job.” We’ll be helpful and take responsibility to be a better banker every day.
  2. We will never say “it’s always been done that way.” We are lifelong learners, committed to continuously asking good questions that lead to process improvement and enhancing our individual professional development.
  3. We celebrate and support the accomplishments of our team members.
  4. We believe in fun, collaboration, and positivity.
  5. We take pride in our bank, our performance, and our professionalism.

How We Help Our Customers Grow

  1. When it comes to banking, we take great pains to make sure you don’t have any.
  2. Our processes and our people will not make you repeat the obvious.
  3. We use our products. So, we can help you use them efficiently.
  4. Respect and kindness are non-negotiable, especially when something goes wrong.
  5. We’ll keep up with new technology and keep in touch with you.
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