Service Standards

We’re your hometown bank, with hometown pride. We’re locally owned and operated, which means our heart is where it belongs in the community. Our decisions are local, and our concerns are local, and our priorities are where they belong.

Banking that's simple, friendlier and local. 

Many banks claim more but at F&M Bank, we really deliver on that promise. Because to us, "more" means something more! We're proud to offer all the convenient banking technology you need, with a team of people who care about investing locally, helping their neighbors and making decisions based on more than just numbers. Count on us for all your local banking needs. 

How We Help Our Customers Grow

  1. Creative and flexible solutions to satisfy customer's financial needs.
  2. The delivery of personalized, one-on-one service.
  3. We use our products. So, we can help you use them efficiently.
  4. Respect and kindness are non-negotiable, especially when something goes wrong.
  5. Strongly supporting the continued growth and development of our communities.
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