Online Banking Tips

Protect Your Online Accounts

  • Monitor your accounts. Regularly make sure all transactions posted to your account are ones you authorized. Report any fraudulent or suspicious activity to the bank.
  • Never log on to your Online Banking account through an email. F&M does not include a link to online banking in emails for your account safety. Fraudsters could send an email with a link to redirect you to a fraudulent website designed to steal your user name and password.
    • Never respond to emails that ask you to verify your identity by providing your user name and password.
    • Think twice before clicking on an attachment or clicking on a link within an email.
    • If you are suspicious of an email, don’t be afraid to call the bank to verify whether we sent you the email.
  • Look for F&M’s secure website F&M’s web address ends in .bank. .Bank websites can not be spoofed as only banks can receive this domain name. The F&M website uses secure https. This means the URL browser line will turn green and have a picture of a lock on it signifying you are using a secure connection.
  • Access your accounts from a secure location. Do not use public wi-fi as someone can easily intercept your user name and password when logging on.
  • Change your password regularly.
    • Use a strong password.
      • Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters.
      • Avoid using words or phrases.
      • Avoid using your name, initials, birthdate.
    • Change your password every few months.
    • Keep your password in a safe location.
    • Use a different password for each website you use.
  • Protect your computer. Protecting your computer helps protect your accounts.
    • Install anti-virus software.
    • Make sure your firewall is turned on.
    • Install updates to the computer’s operating system as they become available.
    • Run anti-virus scans regularly.


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